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Railways fans in development


Low cost
Low noise
Low consumption
High pressure

We have also applied patents on fans important configuration. Here follows descriptions of some cases of our background

We now develop new technology of Low Noise Fans for Railways, a very unique and innovative concept!!!

We develop fans since 1991. We have set up a numerical model that enable us to compute pressure and sound power versus mass flow.

This model is very powerful and has enable us to develop successfully lot of fans applications. We develop silent and efficiency fans for cooling systems, cars, trains, trucks, engines, radiators, turbochargers...

Main development have been done on axial fans. We have studied a lot of application and gained a big experience. We have upgraded our model now in order to cover centrifugal mix and axial fans with the same tool.

Studies with European clients are done now for mass production of centrifugal fans : reversible and one way for industrial applications.

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Probably the only one Company in the world which can compute versus mass flow pressure and noise power level of a fan, optimise it and manufacture it with precision !


Study done for evaluation purpose for Railways application

Comparison original fan # MS9  We have produced a fan MS9, which was saving 9.2 dBA in the train package.

Test done at the CETIAT (Independent Official Testing Organisation), certified by the American AMCA.






Study done for a big American Company

Goal was to beat a target which is an " USUI (Japan) fan upgraded " by 10% in pressure and 50% improved in noise. At same, speed same diameter, same thickness.

Region of interest was from 7 to 14 CMH, at same mass flow.

We have created 160% of the target fan pressure! And have matched the noise. Static efficiency of our fan was 54% compared to 32 for the target (169% better).


XTER Train application for French Railways

For the same mass flow, the goal was to do less noise.

With MS30, we have win a competition between us and two manufacturers. We done 10 dB less than the best competitor.

We have a static efficiency of 52%.

We have been train tested and we have started in August 1998, MANUFACTURING a first batch of 500 fans.