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The Death of Metal Coil Springs

C Springs have (and are) also road tested. More than hundred of thousand kilometers have been achieved with success (specialy near exhaust pipe).

Applications :

Car and truck suspension

Train and trailor suspension

Civil, military trucks and OHV suspension

Industrial use

Energy storage use

Test bench suspension

Military components into a hull (protection against mine vibration)


Compression Springs Torsion springs Composite tanks

SARDOU S.A. has developed composite C Springs since 1993 for different clients. The C Springs have been tested in static measuring bench in fatigue and in relaxation machine.

As we have observed lack of noise efficient prediction tool since 1992 our organization has developed a numerical model in order to compute fan performances. This simulation enable us to fully optimize fan pressure and noise wise. Our model is valid for axial as well as centrifugal fans.

Thank to our model and our expertise we have developed ultra low noise fans for a lot of application.


Low cost

Low weight

Better and elegant integration

Long life expectancy