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SARDOU S.A. has developed :

Torsion Springs since 1982 and Compression Springs since 1993 for different prestigious clients.

Since 2002, we develop Composite Coil Spring, a very unique and innovative technology!!!

The C Spring have been computed with numerical simulation tested in dynamic measuring bench in fatigue and in relaxation machine.

C springs have (and are), also road tested. More than 100.000 kms have been achieved with success (near exhaust pipe).

Advantages :

Our Composite Springs weighing 25% of a metal spring
For a price 75% of a coil steel spring in mass production
Low cost material use and quick processing

Compression Springs Torsion springs Composite tanks

MVC-453X_petit.JPG (1700 octets)

Composite Coil Spring

Torsion spring

Compression Spring